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Back/Sleep Products :: Pillow/Cushions
RT-D2008 Portable Massage Pillow
$ 154.80
You Save:
$ 48.00
$ 106.80
• The RT-D2008 has two sets of triple headed kneading mechanisms providing an intense
kneading action that independently rotates.
• It’s like having a massage chair at your convenience regardless where you may be, all in
this compact & durable pillow shaped cushion. It can be used on your back, legs and
works great for loosening the knots and tension in the neck and shoulder region.
• Comes with 2 types of adaptors, one for the home/office and the other for the car, great for
the long road trips.
• The kneading action helps relieve stress and tension to the muscles providing less
fatigue and stress on the body.
• A remote control is attached to the cushion allowing you to change the direction of the
roller heads and speed of the rotation on a simple user friendly panel.
• The main cover consists of a fleece like fabric. A secondary cover is added for extra
padding and protection. It is made with a highly durable nylon polyester material fabric
which is easily washable.
• The roller heads are run by 2 independent 12 V motors with a maximum rotating rate of
42 rotations per minute.
• The RT-D2008 consumes 20W and weight about 6 lbs.
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5 Years Parts $0.00
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