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Sanyo HEC-DR8700
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3 Zero Gravity Positions Re-Shaped & Redesigned Exclusive GK Rollers Exclusive Stiffness Detection Sensor NEW Exclusive Stress Sensor Exclusive Multi-Point Shiatsu Leg and Foot Massage
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  SANYO Electric Group, by developing unique technologies and offering excellent products and sincere services, seeks to become a corporation that is loved and trusted by people around the world. The Group seeks to become "as indispensable as the Sun"... More on Sanyo...
Zero-Gravity Position 1
The Backrest, Footrest and Seat adjust automatically to the body’s perfect and natural position.  All massage functions can be used in this position.
Zero-Gravity Position 2
The Backrest, Footrest and Seat adjust automatically to the body’s perfect and natural position.  All massage functions can be used in this position.
Zero-Gravity Position 3
The Backrest, Footrest and Seat adjust automatically to the body’s perfect and natural position.  All massage functions can be used in this position.
Re-Shaped & Redesigned Exclusive GK Rollers:
NEW wider roller design feels more like real hands, especially during the kneading techniques. Always-surprising, thumb-shaped rollers reach out and comfortably squeeze the neck and tops of the shoulders, emulating the “grasping and kneading” of a live massage.
Exclusive Stiffness Detection Sensor
Pulse and perspiration are measured through photo-sensory and galvanic skin response to detect personal areas of stiffness and tension.  A truly customized massage follows, focusing on detected areas of stiffness and tension.
NEW Exclusive Stress Sensor
Now, the sensor program is even more refined to gage mental fatigue through subtle pulse fluctuations.  The custom massage that follows will offer the best combination of techniques and intensity to alleviate unwanted stress.
Exclusive Multi-Point Shiatsu Leg and Foot Massage
Airbags deliver deep and penetrating relief to feet, ankles, calves, and legs. Heat setting can be used to promote circulation and relaxation. Now, shiatsu function can be turned off to enjoy only the soothing squeeze of airbags.
Physical Shape Sensor
Adjusts massage rollers automatically to accommodate various body types and shifts in position during massage.
Redesigned Adjustable Leg Extension
Now extends 8" to fit even the longest legs.  Most users up to 6'4" will find this very comfortable and effective for foot and calf massage.
LCD Control Panel with Large Multi-Color Display
Informs the user of massage status and detected areas of stiffness.  Real-time gages show exactly what is happening and how your body reacts!
4 Automatic Massage Courses
For targeted relief of problem areas.
Over 100 Combination Manual Courses
Include Grip, Shiatsu, Kneading, Reverse Kneading, Tapping, Kneading & Tapping, and various Stretches.
Wand-Shaped Sub-Controller
Contains the stress stiffness detection sensors and controls for fine-tuning massage.
Power Footrest and Recline
to 170 degree angle.
5 width settings
To accommodate your personal size.
Repeat Feature
For continual massage of targeted areas.
Removable headrest and back pad
31” Vertical Stroke Length
Soft synthetic black leather covering
5 Full-Body Sensor Automatic Massage Courses
Air-Only Comfort Course
5 Massage Speed Settings
Made in Japan
Stress Sensor
Selecting the Full Auto Course and inputting your age will measure your pulse fluctuations (R-R intervals as seen in an electrocardiogram) and determine the degree of stress.
Research Center for Sports and Healthcare Technology of Ritsumeikan University and SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. have conducted cooperative research on electrocardiographic measurement and applied technology.
(from 2006 to 2008: MEXT Knowledge Cluster Initiative)
sanyo hec 8700 massage chair sensor Grip the sensor controller with the fingers of both hands.
sanyo hec 8700 massage chair screen When stress measurement is completed, the measured degree of stress is displayed.
How to measure stress
Grip the stress sensor with both hands to measure your pulse fluctuations of R-R intervals as seen in an electrocardiogram and determine the degree of stress. The fluctuations of R-R intervals are called CVRR (Coefficient of Variation of R-R Intervals).
The higher this value is, the more relaxed you are.
The lower it is, the more stress you are experiencing.
The CVRR index differs according to age, so input your age for greater accuracy.
SANYO bases measurements and verification of CVRR of our massage loungers on testing conducted by the Department of Kansei Design of Hiroshima International University.
Stiffness Sensor
This sensor detects the amount of stiffness you're feeling in your body by sensing physiological response variations.
It then automatically adjusts to provide the best massage for your body in the same way a professional senses your stiffness with the fingertips.
Grip the sensor controller with the fingers of one hand.
When stiffness measurement is completed, the measured degree of stiffness is displayed.
Areas where a high degree of stiffness has been detected.
Areas where a low degree of stiffness has been detected.
3 stiffness levels (High/Low/None) are indicated.
Course selection of Full Auto
If the double-function sensor finds your stress level high, a gentle massage that stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system is provided.
If stiffness is high, you receive a massage that stimulates the sympathetic nervous system.
So each time you enjoy the ideal massage for your condition, refreshing both body and mind.
Best position 1 Relaxation through a Neutral Body Posture.
The seat angle adjusts upward 30 degrees to approximate the Neutral Body Posture, spreading the load of the body optimally and achieving a comfortable sitting position.
This prevents the body's load from being applied too much to one area, thus allowing the user to relax in a natural posture.
The lower-back area fits snugly for a feeling of being absorbed into the chair, providing the ideal conditions for the user to receive a thorough kneading massage.
Sensor Controller
New shoulder grasping & kneading
Significantly improving the performance of a conventional massage robot, the advanced mechanism featuring 35mm (1 3/8“) “massage roller with joints”—the largest in its class—projects forward approximately 145mm (5 3/4“).
The “thumb-type massage roller” operates like the fingers of a professional masseur grasping the shoulders, and kneads to relieve stiffness.
Professional hand techniques are accurately emulated to give the user acomfortable massage.
The wider massage heads allow the massage heads to come in contact with the body of the user over a wider area than conventional units and provide a rolling massage like the fingers of a masseur.
35mm (1 3/8") wide massage
Maximum massage head protrusion: Approx.145mm
(5 3/4")
Trapezius muscle grasping & kneading
Shoulder stiffness is usually attributed to poor blood flow within the trapezius muscles.
This represents the movement of grasping and kneading these muscles.
'Neutral Body Posture'
is the optimal relaxed posture naturally assumed by a person in the zero-gravity conditions of outer space.
This posture has been adopted by many other applications since being introduced by the aerospace industry.
Body Relaxation by Posture Changes
Body relaxation index peaks when Posture 4 (closest to "neutral body posture") is selected.

Evaluation Method:
Measuring 5 different postures.

Evaluated by:
Research Center for Sports and Healthcare Technology of Ritsumeikan University
Experiment Angles
Best position 2 The Ideal Position for Air Massage.
Lifts the legs and feet to be parallel with the floor for a posture suitable for leg/foot massages. Shiatsu nodes effectively stimulate for a fully relaxed feeling while a gentle air massage is applied to the back.
* Automatically starts massaging in Comfort Air Course.
Sensor Controller
Ankle grip massage
The location of the built-in airbags is extended to the heel, to grip a wide range from the ankles to the heel and provide a massage similar to how the palm of a hand loosens stiffness.
Undulating Sole Shiatsu
Each foot is securely cradled by airbags that inflate and deflate to mimic the alternating compression technique of a live massage. Outer Sole Shiatsu
Outer Sole Shiatsu
Outer airbag is inflated.
Center Sole Shiatsu
Center Sole Shiatsu
Both airbags are inflated.
Inner Sole Shiatsu
Inner Sole Shiatsu
Inner airbag is inflated.
Sole airbags & calf massage
Shiatsu nodes provide a deep massage to the soles and calves. Side airbags inflate to further stimulate calves.
Lower back & thigh airbags
With your lower back in exactly the right position, the air bags expand and provide a comfortable massage. Your buttocks are also massaged to thoroughly relieve fatigue.
Sole heater
The sole section incorporates a built-in heating function that warms the soles to allow the user to enjoy a more comfortable massage.
Best position 3 The Ideal Position for Effective Stretching.
Raising the legs transfers the load from the feet to the lower back, which promotes a posture suitable for stretching.
The rolling massage on the back and angle changes of the legs provide effective stretching.
* Stretch Course massage will be selected automatically.
Sensor Controller
Stretch Mode
The airbags hold legs and feet, and the footrest automatically adjusts upward and downward, effectively stretching entire legs.
Also, the back muscles are stretched for a full body experience.
Outer Sole Shiatsu
Airbags hold legs and feet
Center Sole Shiatsu
Movement of stretching back muscles
Newly-designed leg sliding mechanism
Expands the sliding depth to 210mm (8 1/4”) .
Sliding the leg section up and down adjusts the unit to the best possible position to fully massage the legs right to the soles of the feet, according to the user’s body shape and leg length.
In addition, a new mechanism that changes the calf unit position with the sliding movement is employed.
Even if the leg unit is fully extended, it will be positioned at the proper height to fit the calves. This massage lounger provides satisfactory massage through the soles to the calves according to various users’ heights.
Power consumption

200W - 290W

Power dissipation of electric heating equipment


Rated time

30 minutes.




 Approx.17 minutes


 Approx.15 minutes


 Approx.8 minutes

(Maximum of approx. 20 minutes due to stiffness detection)


 Approx.15 minutes


 Approx.15 minutes


730mm(28 3/4")[width] × 1,370mm(53 7/8")[depth] × 1,220mm(48")[height]
*When upright (with footrest retracted)

730mm(28 3/4")[width] × 1,940mm(76 3/8")[depth] × 760mm(29 7/8"")[height]
*When reclined (with footrest horizontal)

SANYO massage chairs are covered under a 1-year manufacturer's warranty which includes in-home service. The roller mechanism is covered for three years from date of purchase.
SANYO Fisher Service Division supports the warranty, service, and customer service needs for all SANYO massage chairs. Whether it's an operational question, warranty claim, or out-of-warranty repair, a knowledgeable and live customer service agent is just a phone call away.
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